Otis McDonald – Body Mind and Soul

Otis McDonald – Body Mind and Soul

“There’s a fun story about the creation of this song and production: For a time, I was working with this company called YourSongmaker, which allowed any person to submit some lyric ideas and then, the company would pair them up with a song-writer/producer to create an original song. That person, also, requested that it be an “uptempo Funk track”  as he wanted something upbeat for his girl as a surprise for her.  I’m a giant fan of Prince, James Brown, and Sly & The Family Stone. So, when someone asks for something Funky, I’m gonna look to the masters for inspiration. I had six hours to do it and this is what I came up with. Having that quick turnaround/deadline forced me to not really think about it, rather than just follow my ears and get it done. Funny thing is, I co-wrote this song with a person I’ve never met. This guy’s name is Howard Wear and I thank him for helping me channel this tune.”

From  Jammerzine

Basked in originality and drenched in progressive creativity through a soulful sensuality on steroids comes Otis McDonald with his future classic titled ‘Body, Mind and Soul’. While harking back to the giants of Soul and R n’ B via his own musical genius, Otis gives one of those feel-good thumpers for the summer at a date that makes you wish summer was another 6 months longer. Otis manages to keep the groove in the pocket while cutting loose in a way only a true aficionado of the genre can, and that is what makes this genuine and not a knock off like we are all too used to these days. Otis McDonald is the real thing.

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