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Brooke Woods You Said

Brooke Woods is on her way to a successful career in country music, has a great day job, a happy life and it is happening at its own pace.

“I started singing with my mother at church when I was 2 years old,” Woods said. She continued singing with the church into her late teens.

When Woods was 20 years old she was ready to play music. The fiddle player and singer became a member of the Sawmill Band, the house band at the Farmer’s Opry House in Chumuckla.

“I played there for six full years every Friday and Saturday night and only missed two weeks,” Woods said. One of those weeks was to give birth to her daughter, Presley.

She also received an education from Sandy Wyatt, who founded the Farmer’s Opry House. He is a steel guitar player for the Sawmill Band and has mentored several musicians in the local area.

Wood said Wyatt taught her the value of helping your bandmates pack their gear, even when you are the star. He also taught her the importance of moving an audience, physically, emotionally and mentally, during a performance.

By about 2009, she had tired of giving music lessons and playing in bars to make ends meet.

“My life was changing, I was at turning point in my life,” Woods said. “I saw an opening for a graphic designer at BBVA bank and went for it,” she said.

She had also tired of playing Top 40 music and giving voice lessons to pay the bills and started singing things she liked – ballads. Soon she was recording in Nashville, Tennessee, with studio musicians.

“I like where my life is at,” Woods said. “I can do my job just about anywhere and I have roots here in Pace (so she chooses to live there).”

She has released two singles recently, “Ain’t Kissing Nobody” and “Swerve,” which has hit No. 68 on the music charts.

Woods has signed with MC1 Nashville, Razor Records and will be the director of A&R for the company while she records for them.

She is also not quitting her day job with BBVD bank. The working relationship works for both parties.

“I’m going to have a full life with music in it all the time. The goal is going to be the journey.”


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