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Walk TV

Walk TV

The Walk TV (formerly LegacyTV) is an international faith and family television network reaching more than 50 Million potential TV Households over 240 broadcast affiliates.
TheWALKTV is a nationwide television network designed to educate viewers “to better comprehend and appreciate their rich Judeo-Christian legacy and to apply such principles to their daily lives.” 
We invite you to join us:

Explore the Past-through documentaries, teaching, biographies, dramas to better understand ourselves, our culture, our heritage and the principles upon which America was founded. Enjoy the Present-by visiting favorite destinations, local festivals and get to know the unique people who have made this country great, learning about contemporary political and social issues and seeing them from a biblical perspective. Envision the Future-by examining the trends, issues and technological discoveries that are shaping our future in an effort to leave a rich legacy to future generations. The concept behind the LegacyTV network (now “Walk TV”) is to celebrate America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Co-founder Jim West said he wanted to start the network because of the alarming disregard many Americans have toward the values and beliefs of the founding fathers. “The focus of the prime-time programming is to teach the viewer what our founders believed and why it is still relevant today,” West added. “But we have programming for the entire family, from children’s shows, movies, women’s programming, and Bible study, to outdoor programming on Saturdays.” LegacyTV was among the newer members of the NRB. The network launched in 2010 and has grown to 175 affiliated stations reaching into over 50 million homes. Prime-time programming offers presentations from William Federer’s Faith in History (a TCT production), the late Rev. Peter Marshall’s Restoring America, and WallBuilder’s David Barton’s American Heritage Series (a TBN production). Also featured is the Randall Terry Show which is fed each day from Washington D.C., examining current events in the light of a Christian worldview. That is supplemented with documentary series on Christian History from the vaults of Vision Video and Gateway Films. The network was started in part by Buddy Winsett, a broadcast and satellite veteran, and Jim West, a 41-year broadcasting veteran, member of the NRB TV Committee, and co-founder of the WORSHIP, PraiseTV, and FaithTV networks.

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