Ella Mae Interview

Ella May Interview…In this emotional interview, Ella May describes the moment of emotions after hearing she has cancer and dealing with the loss of hair.  You may feel shocked when you’re told you have cancer. It’s often difficult to take in the diagnosis immediately – you might hear the words but not believe them…and most people feel afraid and unsure about treatment, side effects and the likely impact on family.  Cancer can also feel like a threat to your way of life. You may wonder if you’ll be the same person as before, if you’ll be able to do the things you usually do and if your relationships will change. It’s natural to feel that nobody understands what you’re going through. You can feel lonely and isolated if your family and friends have trouble dealing with cancer…..and she talks about how it gave her the incentive to reach out to others…especially women…with Wigs Unlimited…located at 117 Broad Street in Martinsville, Virginia, 276-632-3198, www.wigsunlimitedva.com.  As a hair dresser and survivor of cancer, she helps you select and customize wigs to help restore appearance and self-esteem during and after treatment, and give emotional support to women as one who went through the loss of hair.  Could this unique service help you?  Even insurance companies contact her…as most women don’t realize that insurance often covers the cost as well.  Live away?  Ella May can skype with you also.   Listen to her story and find out how this service can give you support and help you look your best!


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