Don King – All Lives Matter Interview With Christy D. – April 20 2016

Don King – All Lives Matter Interview With Christy Denbrock…Christy Denbrock interviews Don King regarding his article titled “All Lives Matter” in the Call and Post.  Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter…As Don King passionately states…”Black Lives Matter” has brought attention to the inhuman atrocities that were perpetuated against blacks and attention to actions towards other individuals deemed inferior by predjudice of race, color, religions, gender, etc.  How can you be a Christian and believe in God-like ways and condone these types of horrific brutality against another human being. “Enough is enough”” as Don explains…attention has now deemed that “Time is Now” to change the system that allows this type of action toward citizens of color, race, religion, or gender. Isolated incidents can not be ignored as simply incidents singled out to appear as random isolated occurrences…because they exit due to a system that established the acceptance of violence and supports the inhumane treatment against “inferior” citizens.  The system has cancer, and when you get cancer, it becomes colorblind..and you find atrocities that are justifiable…”wrong seems right and right seems wrong.”  Any of these candidates that are running for president…if they try and work under the system…rather than changing the system, it will not work; no matter how hard they try to change the course of the nation’s trend toward these types of atrocities, “the system will prevail upon them.”  The solution…”educate, educate, educate…re-enlighten them (people) to the evil of the system that takes one to another to perpetuate and put you on the spot as being the one there …that becomes the target …”  Now is the time for this nation to fulfill its promise, and, as a way of life, we can start looking at each other as human beings with justice for all people and not look at each other as obstacles of hatred and instruments of brutality only justified by an evil system that makes wrong seem right. “This type of system must be Eradicated, disassembled, and destroyed…!”