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Bonanza – The Smiler – S3 E1

Bonanza – The Smiler – S3 E1

Bonanza marked the beginning of its third season by moving from Saturdays at 7:30 PM EST to its now-legendary Sunday 9 PM berth, where it would remain for the next eleven years. Telecast September 24, 1961, the inaugural third-season episode, “The Smiler”, was written by Lewis Reed. Defending the honor of widow Mrs. McClure (Catherine McLeod), Hoss Cartwright accidently kills town bully Arthur Bolling (Hy Terman). Shortly thereafter, Arthur’s brother Clarence (Herschel Bernardi) arrives in town with smiling assurances that he forgives Hoss. In truth, however, the insidious Clarence has mapped out an intricate plan of revenge, beginning with subtly coercing Mrs. Clure to change her testimony at Hoss’ court hearing. Also in the cast of “The Smiler” are Scatman Crothers as Jud and Bill Zuckert as Gilbert.

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