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Bonanza – The Duke S2 E25

Bonanza – The Duke S2 E25

Originally telecast March 11, 1961, “The Duke” stars Maxwell Reed as the title character, an egomaniacal and selfish British prizefighter. Arriving in Virginia City, the Duke of London challenges all comers to a public bout. He goads several locals into fisticuffs by fooling around with their women. Ultimately, Hoss climbs into the ring with The Duke, leading to a denouement that will profoundly affect both the vainglorious boxer and his long-suffering manager/brother Limey (J. Pat O’Malley). Featured in the cast are Randy Stuart as Marge and Jason Evers as Lambert. One of several Bonanza episodes directed by Robert Altman, “The Duke” was cowritten by William Cox and Theodore and Mathilde Ferro.

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