Adam Chaffins – Her

Adam Chaffins – Her

Growing up in rural Eastern Kentucky, Adam Chaffins was never far from musical inspiration. The area, after all, is fertile ground sprouting revolutionary talent, from Ricky Skaggs to Dwight Yoakam to Sturgill Simpson.

But he was also one of 80 in his high school class, the only one in the county. “I grew up in a very isolated place,” says Adam Chaffins. “No one thought anything I did — or the music I liked — was cool. I was on my own plain.”

The moment you see Chaffins take the stage, you may find that hard to believe. For starters, the classically trained multi-instrumentalist often dons an upright bass, a behemoth of an instrument that could easily become unwieldy in less capable hands. A smooth baritone vocalist, Chaffins croons with the conviction of his country heroes while attacking the strings with the precision of a much angstier persuasion.


While you are here check out another Country Music Hit on iTube247.  You can also find his full biography here.

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