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Don King Explains – Who is JC Calhone – Feb. 2 2016

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Howard Wear | 12/15/2015 | 318 Videos

Don King Explains – Who is JC Calhone …Don King brings to light the type of “evil misguided system” which prevails in the United States due to the actions of some “forefathers”….one in particular …J. C. Calhone.  John C. Calhoun, the South’s recognized intellectual and political leader from the 1820s until his death in 1850, devoted much of his remarkable intellectual energy to defending slavery. He developed a two-point defense. One was a political theory that the rights of a minority section — in particular, the South — needed special protecting in the federal union. The second was an argument that presented slavery as an institution that benefited all involved.  Calhoun’s commitment to those two points and his efforts to develop them to the fullest would assign him a unique role in American history as the moral, political, and spiritual voice of Southern separatism. Despite the fact that he never wanted the South to break away from the United States as it would a decade after his death, his words and life’s work made him the father of secession. In a very real way, he started the American Civil War.  Born in 1782 in upcountry South Carolina, Calhoun grew up during the boom in the area’s cotton economy. The son of a successful farmer who served in public office, Calhoun went to New Haven, Connecticut, in 1801 to attend Yale College. After graduating, he attended the Litchfield Law School, also in Connecticut, and studied under Tapping Reeve, an outspoken supporter of a strong federal government.  It’s time to recognize the system that fuels the modern problems of racism, prejudice against those considered inferior by established beliefs, and rebuild a system that supports those who are affected by these misguided beliefs.  How can that be accomplished?

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