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Reggie Vinson – Never Thirst Again

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Linda | 08/23/2014 | 2 Videos

Reggie Vinson – Never Thirst Again “Reggie Vinson builds people’s faith and uplifts their spirits,” with songs like: “Never Thirst Again”, “Outside Heaven’s Door”, and “Still Got A Song In Me.”..Selected  as the theme song for the new show “Still Got A Song”..Produced by Jimmy Adams Media. Rockin Reggie Vinson…Has had music in his heart and mind since the age of 13.  He’s a recording artist /guitarist/song-writer, and has performed with Chuck Berry, Etta James, worked with Alice Cooper on 13 different songs including “School’s Out” and also worked with John Lennon, even Liberace.  He has 10 gold and platinum records ad has recorded over 150 original gospel, pop, and rock “n” roll songs.  Reggie won the contemporary gospel artist of 2013 and has appeared in over 80 radio and TV programs – CT – TBN – 700 Club.
  Reggie also has performed on many gospel recordings and was a member of Liberace’s orchestra for five years at the Las Vegas Hilton!

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