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I Stand The Tallest Little David Wilkins with Leon Everette

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Jimmy Adams | 04/24/2018 | 51 Videos

I Stand The Tallest Little David Wilkins with Leon Everette…

Little David Wilkins and Leon Everette unite to sing “I Stand The Tallest….When I’m Down On My Knees.”

Little David Wilkins is an American country music singer, songwriter, and pianist. He rose to fame as the writer of many songs that were performed by other artists.

Leon Everette,born in Aiken, S.C. and Raised in Queens, N.Y., has proven himself to be one of the top performers in the Country Music business. His dynamic stage performance and a fast moving act have brought rave reviews from performers such as Hank Williams, Jr. and Waylon Jennings.  He joined the Navy after high school, and while on leave in the Philippines bought a guitar and learned how to play. Encouraged by Navy talent-contest victories, he issued a series of singles once he was discharged and back in South Carolina. Eventually, he got a job in the mailroom of True Records in Nashville. He then signed with the label, and in 1977 True assigned Everette to do a tribute to Elvis, Goodbye King of Rock and Roll. The album turned out to be a big success. True released an Everette single “I Love That Woman (Like the Devil Loves Sin)” which became a minor hit. He made the country charts with ‘Giving Up Easy’, ‘Don’t Feel like The Lone Ranger’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Lose’.  Toward the late ’70s Everette signed with the Orlando imprint, which issued Over (1980). The success of the album’s singles led RCA to sign Everette the following year, and the partnership proved fruitful.  ‘If I Keep On Going Crazy’, with its distinctive harmonica, made the US country Top 20 and it was followed by the pile-driving ‘Hurricane’, which prompted him to change his band’s name from Tender Loving Care to Hurricane.  He recorded five albums for the label between 1981-1984, and had several major hits, among them the label’s reissue of the single “Giving Up Easy.” His string of Top 20 hits continued with “Just Give Me What You Think is Fair” and “Soul Searching,” both from 1982.  Everette switched to Mercury Records, where he had three minor hits in 1985, including “Till a Tear Becomes a Rose.” By the end of that year, he had moved back to the revitalized Orlando and in 1986 hit the charts with three singles, including “Still in the Picture.” He retired from country music in 1988.

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