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I have sung ever since I can remember. Before I even hit grade school, my sisters and I performed songs for our church on many occasions. In the 3rd grade I was extremely involved in the D.A.R.E. Program (against drugs and violence). Due to my involvement, I was asked to sing the D.A.R.E. song to for my school, along with another boy. At the age of 11, I performed "Big Deal" by LeAnn Rimes for my school. I oftentimes sang for my family, friends, and small get togethers. At 14, I performed "5 Minutes" for my middle school.
From this point on, I began to receive many requests to sing the National Anthem for various sporting events around my area.

As a young girl, I absolutely adored LeAnn Rimes. She had such an incredible voice at such a young age, and she was living my dream. I would save up to buy her CD's when they came out, and I played them over and over as I sang along. I also listened to George Straight and still love his music. He is one artist that has not let the new era change his style or who he is, yet he still manages remain a mainstay.

Recently, I have broadened my influences and have so many performers in so many different genres that I respect. I really admire artist who take pride, not only in the creative sound of their music, but in relating lyrically as well.

I struggled with where my music would fit in, and what "genre" I would enjoy the most. This initially limited me in my writing style and where I felt comfortable venturing to with my music. I had so many different styles that intrigued me, and I felt as though I had to decide on one. After moving to Nashville, Tennessee, I learned so much about writing and co-writing music, and was fortunate to learn from some great song writers. I finally decided to get away from all musical influences and focus instead on what I wanted to write and what made me feel good, and embracing what made me different from the rest. Thus was born my own natural style, ha ha. It was so freeing and I have so much fun unleashing the "real me". We learn everyday, and I know that is only the beginning of where I can go with my songs, and I look forward to sharing it with the world!

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Sarah Taylor