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Pastor Charles Wickham - Christmas In The Workplace

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Pastor Charles Wickham Interview...Pastor Charles Wickham discusses his views on the state of religion in today's world. Do you have questions about where you go when you die? Pastor Wickham welcomes your questions. The church also offers a wide range of opportunities for spiritual growth, worship, fellowship, and service. Pastor Wickham encourages everyone to experience the love of Christ in worship, educational opportunities, missions, ministries with children, youth and adults of all ages and stations in life, as well as ministries in music and arts, and many other areas. He strives to serve you as you travel your spiritual journey. He looks forward to getting to know people and invite them into this family of God. Let us know how we can serve you. .....And fueled by that same desire, Pastor Charles Wickham talks about the community outreach, and how out of ministry, a thrift store with a purpose is born in Danville ...Helping Hands Thrift Store. The shop, which is run by volunteers, sells household appliances, furniture, clothing and books. Unlike other stores, however, all the profits are used to help those in need. The shop is a joint project by Grace Design, Trinity, Fairview and Mount Vernon United Methodist churches in Danville. There are four churches that are in on this. Not a single penny from the thrift store goes into any of the four churches, “Helping Hand Thrift Store is its own entity.” There has been an urgent need for all of the churches to address Danville’s and Martinsville’s child poverty rate,”... Danville has a 41.7 percent child poverty rate. To be churches and not address poverty would be to not follow our calling as a church.” Wanting to do even more, Wilds met with the Rev. Charles Wickham, pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church and they agreed on the churches coming together and focusing on something to help out with the poverty. Both pastors had many requests for assistance from the community...asking for utility help and to pay the things that needed to be paid. The churches did not have the money to help all those in need so the team devised an idea for a thrift shop that would raise funds for those who needed their help. The vision was give the items at a fair price to people who need it. The money raised there will also be able to help the people with utilities because we can raise more money there than we can with any of our individual churches. “In addition, there’s a gentleman who is in a nursing home until a ramp is built at his house." So with the money left over, it could help people who need ramps built. It was then that things started to fall into place. The owner of Sherwood Shopping Center, helped the pair obtain the location and worked with his carpenters to renovate the site at no charge to the churches. “He was a blessing.” Hearing about the shop’s mission, the Rev. Barry S. Foster from Mount Vernon United Methodist Church and the Rev. Kathleen Monge from Fairview Methodist Church joined the pair. “It started off with basically one church and a need to address and from the small amount of giving it turned into four churches and a lot of good ministry being done.” The store will be a mission center and all of the funds that are raised will go right back into the mission and everything at the thrift store has been donated to Helping Hands and everything goes back into the city of Danville. Helping Hands Thrift Store is located at 158 Arnett Blvd. in Sherwood Shopping Center... open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. For more information or to donate furniture, call (434) 203-8004.
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Pastor Charles Wickham