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Chris Harris - PR

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Chris Harris


 Given The Title  "PR Specialist"  By The Associated Press

Chris Harris and Associates Public Relations introduced a new method three decades ago in the masterful art of promoting a product, service, and personality with effective public relations/publicity. Chris Harris has worked with everyone from the head of the Krishna Consciousness Movement,  A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada to the Legendary Rudy Vallee.

For more than thirty years Chris Harris has put a smile on the faces of reporters around the world while promoting everything from Pepsi Cola to challenging the nation's Smithsonian Institution on  the subject of who really invented radio. Chris Harris has gone where  most public relations people dare not tread. 

 A well known journalist once said, "If turned loose, Chris Harris would find a solution for many of the problems in our society we face on a daily basis."Chris never wanted to be a public relations person. He started out as a stage actor. Through the years it would be safe to say that Harris became the actor in role as a PR man. He once told a reporter "PR people are boring and dead pans. They take everything too serious.  They don't know how to laugh." 


Douglas Villiers the man who went in search of Captain Kidd's treasure said it best... "He will come up with an idea, that you think does not have a chance, and they (reporters) come with their tongues hanging out."

Chris Harris was the first to introduce the street corner promotion with the Chris Harris Survey. That obvious way of selling a product or service captured the attention of public relations and advertising firms throughout the country who came to Harris to promote everything from toys to beverages.  Chris has never accepted a product, service, or personality he could not wrap in a news story, and deliver success.  Harris's method of promotion has been the object of every news outlet from Time Magazine to Good Morning America. 

In Addition, Chris Harris and Associates has been involved in fund raising for charities and causes for more than thirty years.
Formore than twenty-five years Chris Harris has lectured across the nation to businesses on how to do your own public relations. Harris was the first to realize in the early 1970's that publicity was far more effective than advertising. It was not long before some of the country's leading public relation firms were following Harris's lead. 
A good example of publicity over advertising was when Taco Bell announced they were going to buy the Liberty Bell and then on April 1, 1996 held a press conference and declared 
"April Fools." Taco Bell invested a little over $400,000 in advertising and received millions of dollars in publicity as a result of the stunt. 
Chris Harris is the first to tell you that he believes in the stunt to launch a product,  service, or personalty. The public relations firms who spoke out against him in the 1970's, came running to him to promote their clients products and services in the 1980's. 
Harris has also provided enthusiasm for high school and college students for getting an education with his stories about public relations. While providing information and enthusiasm, Harris has also kept people in stitches with his stories as a Hollywood publicist.  

Welcome Chris Harris as he presents actual facts and stories from personal experience...that are “to die for”... literally, including the Zodiac Killer, the “murder” of Marilyn Monroe, the Manson family....just to name a few.  Don't miss him...on


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Chris Harris PR Specialist